The Anti-disclaimer

A friend and fellow college student of mine asked why I didn’t have a disclaimer on the front off my blog. Then he said, “why should you need a disclaimer?”

I loved how he made a statement, thought about it, and revised it all in a moment of thought. And it got me thinking… thus this post.

I mentioned in my “What is polyamory” page that while talking about polyamory should be a G-rated discussion, and something that should be discussed with children and other adults, that I know my lifestyle and beliefs might offend some. And if that was the case, then I understood if someone decided NOT to read my blog.

That being said…. why should I feel compelled to have a disclaimer about the way I love? Why should anyone feel the need to defend who and why they love? No one should. Love is one of the most important parts of each of us. It is truly a God given right. But our society has deemed that love should only be in one form. One man and one woman. Now, certain cultures have variances, but by and large, most countries and most cultures follow this heteronormative monogamous path. And it works for a good majority of the population.

However, love and loving is as individualistic as every person on this planet. Nature (biology) and nurture (culture) play a HUGE part in developing how we express and display this emotion (both internally and externally). Just as both nature and nurture determine our gender and sexuality, it is a factor in how we love.

Some people are open-minded about how others feel and live their lives. Some are not. Some get uncomfortable talking about things that are Other from them. And oftentimes, these people think it’s somehow blasphemous or controversial and shouldn’t be discussed in public forums; that it’s too sensitive a subject to talk about in front of children. When our population believes a topic fits into this category, we feel the need to put a disclaimer on it. So, is a disclaimer necessary on love? Why is love considered controversial? Why is love offensive?

I will not apologize for who I love or how I love them. If my love offends you, you are more than welcome to just pass me by. But I refuse to put a disclaimer on my love and my beliefs on love. My purpose is to educate and share, not offend.




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