Some Atlanta poly websites of note

Here are a few websites that are for the poly community here in Atlanta, GA:

This website is dedicated to functions and events for poly people to get together and have fun (like movies, bbqs, potlucks, etc.). I’m pretty sure this does NOT include get together orgy fests (and if it does, they certainly aren’t going to say so on the website)! From what I can tell, you can go to a meet-up for free. If you wish to become a member there is a charge for that. I’m not too sure what the benefits of being a member are.

Atlanta Poly Weekend is held in March. The hotel for 2013 will be in the Perimeter Dunwoody area. There are panels and discussions about allthings poly, dances, dinners, and other events to meet, mingle, and have a great weekend with other poly and non-traditional relationship people. I have actually submitted a request to be a guest speaker for next year! I’m not sure if they’ll accept my application, but it would be really really cool if they do! I want to discuss education and advocacy through media- like my blog here! I also want to talk about poly rights (health, marital, equality and such). I think it’d be awesome to talk about the importance of effective open communication, as well as coming out to others about your way of loving.

This site is for people in the media to find poly people willing to openly talk about polyamory, being an ethical slut, and other non-traditional forms of relationships. Obviously as a marginalized group, there aren’t too many of us that are overly comfortable with showing our faces and sharing our stories when we have to fear what family, friends, the law, and our bosses think about us (just to name a few). This site is also for us to register, if we so wish, to be available for interviews, talk shows, radio spots, etc. So that’s pretty cool. Apparently there’s a big demand for us!


Hugs and kisses, Polyleigh


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