The eternal soldier

You are my soldier
On the outside looking in.
Waiting for the order.
Walking papers tell you to go,
But still you stay at my door.
Looking in the window,
Waiting, inhaling and exhaling,
For the glimpse of your angel.
Who’s to tell you what’s wrong or right?
And if you only have this night?
Ever so slowly,
With bated breath,
You turn the knob and walk through that door.
Closed for so long,
Now thrown open wide.
No distance in time or space as you cross the floor
And rejoin your angel
Wrapped in her wings and love and light once more.
And when the dawn comes and you must go,
My soldier, we will always know,
Heaven is within our hearts. Never to be taken. Never forsaken.
So step in time, and toe the line,
Until a soldier’s angel comes calling you once more.



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