it’s hard to have sessy time when you’re sick :(

The Misadventures of Polyleigh

So allergy season is upon us, and it is wreaking havoc on my head. Migraines, sinus infections, laryngitis, bronchitis…. other itis’s. And not being able to breathe means not able to really kiss, or do other things… like having orgasms. This makes me a sad panda! I mean, if it’s a good orgasm I stop breathing anyways; but if I’m already short of breath and feeling generally yucky, it makes it kinda difficult to get into the sexy mindset. And this makes me uber sad- as well as makes Alan uber sad. I’ve been sick for almost two weeks now, and in the past two weeks we’ve only had a few times of being intimate. Boo!!!!! Unacceptable! I’m going to the doctor tomorrow and hopefully get some antibiotics or something to get myself on the mend.

I have multiple disabilities: chronic migraines (meaning that I have them more than 15…

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