crazy life is crazy

I miss blogging!!! Dammit. I’m so sorry my readers for not posting in fucking forever. Life has been so insane. I’m working close to 40hrs in retail hell, and by the time I get home I’m too exhausted for anything. Hell, I’m too tired for just about anything but sleep. So for now, before I have to jump in the shower for work, a very very quick update:


– Scot and GG are doin awesome! She’s moved in and she’s the spiffy 1950s houeseifey one. I swear i need to buy that girl an apron.

– Alan and I are doing awesome! I’m living with him right now, him and the four kitties. Not sure if I’ll live here for awhile, and then live with Scot and GG for awhile, back and forth? Not sure. I want to spend time with everyone. Polyamory can make one worn thin.

– I’m hoping to develop the pet DS relationship with K and J.

– oh yeah, working on things with K. No titles, just being whatever it is we are. We don’t see each other very often, but i love hanging out with him when we have the chance.

– Atlanta Poly Weekend is coming up in March! I’m super excited! I’m going to be presenting in like three or four panels. I really hope to see friends and loved ones there. If you want to come, I’d love to meet you! I’m going to be making an art piece to acution off for charity for the LGBT youth community. I’m also thinking of printing up my blog and selling it. I know it’s not much yet, but maybe some of my writing will help people. Other than the cost of printing it up, I think I’ll donate any proceeds to charity.


Alright. gotta go. I promise promise promise I’ll write soon! Love to all.


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