GG~ the new girl!!!! :)

Scot found an amazing girl online, and has started dating her. I am so freakin excited for them both! She is so adorable; loves all things Joss Whedon, andddd she loves Lost Skeleton of Cadavra (one of our favorite movies)! They apparently are texting like allll the time (it’s so cute), and I couldn’t be happier! She seems to be a beautiful, intelligent, witty, kind woman; and Scot is all sorts of twitterpated.

Tonight the four of us (me, Alan, Scot, and GG) went out for french food for dinner. We were going to go see the original Phantom of the Opera movie downtown, but I’m running a fever and feel like total ass (and I have work tomorrow morning to boot. yuck). So I told those two crazy kids to have an awesome time, gave Alan a kiss when he dropped me off at my car, and drove home. After I finish this little update I”m taking off my makeup and clothes, setting my alarm on my phone, and going the f*** to bed! Don’t know how work is going to go tomorrow if I’m still feeling this way. And to top it all off, it’s Alan’s birthday tomorrow! I don’t want to be sick for his birthday! That just sucks! Of course, I had a migraine on my birthday… so it seems to be the norm for me.

So yeah. New girl is spiffy keen. I’m hoping that she and I can becoem good friends (I think it’ll totally happen). She seems to genuinely care about Scot which makes me all sorts of squee. They totally are all moony eyed at one another, I love it! Yay NRE!!! I suggested sometime soon the four of us go out for breakfast on a weekend and then do our tradition of visiting PetSmart for the adoptable kitties and puppies for a dose of cute. She seemed to absolutely loveee the idea!

Thank you Scot for giving us both a red rose to celebrate Phantom. I’m sorry I ruined our double date with my being sick. I hope you both have an amazing time tonight and tomorrow, and I’ll see you in the morning when I wake up next to you. πŸ™‚ Thank you Alan for being so very sweet as always and for being worried about me. I love you both so much. Thank you cute GG for being super squee. I look forward to getting to know you better! I love making new friends!

I get to be a part of an awesome new adventure for Scot, and it makes me really really happy. It was so cute; last night he was like, “you don’t mind going on a double date where I focus my attention on her do you?” And I’m like, “of course I don’t mind! I think it’s super cute!”


4 thoughts on “GG~ the new girl!!!! :)

    • awww, thank you sweetie! I’m trying to just take it one day at a time. Therapy is helping, writing is helping, being busy with school and work is helping. Now all I need to do is actually talk to K. see him, hold him, talk to him. And then I can move on. But rarely does life give us the opprotunity we need to heal the way we want to.

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