Atlanta Poly Weedend (APW) 2013

Guess who just got asked to be a guest speaker/presenter at Atlanta Poly Weekend 2013?! This girl right here! This will be my first public appearance as a polyamory advocate! I’m so excited! I have a ton of different topics I can talk about. I will have two panels, will sell some art- possibly (and contribute a piece to the charity), and will help with some fun games/contests they have going on. How cool is that?!

Are there specific topics you would like to see me discuss? Definitely thought about talking about jealousy and communication and coming out and such. And was thinking of talking about blogging? Not sure. Ideas people! Ideas!!!

So yeah, I’m uber squee about it. It’ll be March 15-17, 2013 at Holiday Inn at Perimeter in Atlanta, GA. Who wants to come see me?!

Check them out!


2 thoughts on “Atlanta Poly Weedend (APW) 2013

  1. How exciting! Good luck, congrats, yay! Just dropping in my 2 cents, but I vote for “every day stuff”. There’s a lot of esoteric, educational commentary available about jealousy and coming out. But information about how to make time for yourself and others, balancing your blog between giving away too many personal details and having to filter yourself, who to invite to Christmas, how to introduce a partner to your boss, how to bring up your current relationship status with someone you’re flirting with, etc…. that stuff is hard to come by, and one of the things I like best about your blog. It’s very “real life”.

    Also, post some pictures of your art! 🙂

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