Question #2: Alone time?

My friend J. asked me how and when do I have alone time? And what do I do with said alone time?

If I can, sleep! šŸ™‚ As I’ve said before, even using the bathroom or while showering I’m not alone. Depending on my work/school schedule, the only time I’m alone at either house is when Scot and Alan are at work. Oftentimes though, this just means that i sleep or play with the kitties before getting up and getting ready to go.

I’m alone in the car a lot; and since school is 40mi one way from my house (13 from Alan’s), and work is about 20mi, I’m in the car for pretty good stretches at a time. I crank up the radio and sing loudly.

When on my lunch break at work I try to read or write, but even then I’m still not alone. When you work in the mall you’re constantly surrounded by people.

If I have time not at work or school, and I have some down time, I sleep, read, do homework, watch tv, etc. But that doesn’t happen too terribly often 9at least currently).

so as of right now, I barely ever have alone time. Maybe eventually I will. The problem is, even if I do get alone time, I don’t really know what to do with myself. Ha!!!

So yeah…that’s about it for that question…. next?


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