I wanted to make an official ammendment in my “Jealousy” post. I previously stated that humans aren’t meant to be monogamous. This was a gregarious error in overgeneralization. Humans are complex creatures, and there isn’t anything universal about us (except that we belong to the species Homo Sapien).

A kind reader quite respectfully offered another approach that I could take in what I originally said. And I agree with her. Many people need and want to be monogamous. Some of our culture is different and are wired differently intrinsically. Both are perfectly right and true and acceptable (at least to me).

In my humble opinion as a writer and a human, I think that falling in love (true love), is so complex and difficult to find, that why would you ever want to turn it away? Whether the gender, sex, sexuality, or partner affiliation. I feel my purpose in life is to show people how to love: themselves and others.

And I am very grateful for the opportunity to converse with people of all beliefs. And when I receive a response that is thought provoking and respectful and heartfelt, I really appreciate it and fully consider it.


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